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Volume 9 • Issue 5 • September  2009

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Our Perspective


Congress is back in session, and important meetings are taking place. With energy and environmental issues high on the priority list, our industry association, the IPAA, has put together a convincing testimony that will be presented by IPAA Chairman Buddy Kleemeier.   The purpose is to make sure that members of Congress understand the consequences of their decisions.  The cornerstone of the presentation will be the successes our industry has had over the past few years in:

 • Finding natural resources to support our country's energy independence

• Increasing the efficiency with which resources are produced

• Identifying new areas of promise for further resources such as the shale regions

• Creating substantial employment and career opportunities and

Doing all in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion.

We are hopeful that our elected officials will listen to facts, reason and science.  But since it is certain that energy resources other than hydrocarbons will enter our lives and the lives of our children, we feel it is important to look at the employment and career opportunities in alternative energy.  We collected some interesting facts and links that you may find of interest.

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Fresh Signs of Life in the Industry?  

The oil and gas industry is beginning to show signs of renewed life, albeit slowly.   After eight consecutive weeks of increased activity, Baker Hughes reported a 10-rig decline for the week of September 11th.  This places the current industry count at 999 rigs, still well below last year's count of 2,013.  

Despite this week's reversal, there are positive signs that this recovery will not be as lengthy as the 2001 post-9/11 recession the reversal of which was not evident until the 2nd quarter of 2003.  Currently, oil prices appear to be stabilizing in the $65-$75 per barrel range, quite a contrast to the 2008 rollercoaster high of $147 per barrel to below $35 barrel by year's end.  

This begs the question: is this indicative of a rebound from the global recession, reflective of a depreciated dollar, or are we simply recovering from a short-lived boom-bust cycle inflated by speculation?

Certainly the oft mentioned influences noted by Baker Hughes may be contributory to the increased activity of weeks prior, including new technology, seasonal weather effects such as the absence hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico thus far in 2009, 3rd and 4th quarter fiscal spending patterns, and proposed and pending government legislation at all levels.  

Promising news from the Eleventh District Federal Reserve reported a subdued flattening in the Texas economy as demonstrated by a slight increase in drilling activity, downward trend in unemployment claims, and a revised employment forecast still reflecting a "decline of 2.8 percent, but a significant improvement from the previous forecast of -3.5 percent."  Employment opportunities are beginning to show an upward trend with increased exploration activity.  RigZone reports that its job postings from May to August have increased by more than 55 percent.  

Staffing requests for Operations Engineers and Geoscientists have seen an upswing in job postings and when the "drillers start turning to the right," the upstream and downstream industry segments typically follow that lead.

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The following biographies are just a small sampling of the kind of talent available in our talent pool of over 17,000 experts.  Please call our placement managers if you are interested in learning more about these professionals, or check out our website for more candidates.

Business Development Executive with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and 28 years of experience working for a multi-national energy service company. Experienced in engineering, operations, product management, business development, and technical consulting. Additionally experienced in fracturing and acidizing and coiled tubing in a marine environment. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf Coast region of the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Ask for SM346.


Subsea Project Manager with a master's degree in civil engineering and 31 years of experience working for major oil and gas companies. Expert leader of deepwater mega-projects including front-end engineering, development concept selection, risk management, and economic valuations. Experienced in managing large multi-disciplined project teams, stakeholder management, particularly with government agencies and partners, and the training and implementation of safety management and decision quality processes. Geographic areas worked include Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sweden, California, Texas, Louisiana and Alaska. Registered professional engineer in California, Texas, Louisiana and Alaska.  Ask for CS357.


Project Manager with a master's degree in mechanical engineering and 24 years of experience in major deepwater oil and gas projects. Expert in FPSO proposal review, shuttle options including tankers and ATBs, riser configuration, riser fluid transfer system and development, and hull form selection. Experienced in metocean review, regulatory matters, and production facilities. Also experienced in dynamic positioning stations, mooring development, and subsea development. Skilled in project management, execution planning, decision analysis, and risk assessment. Registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.  Ask for F1573.    


Project Engineer with a master's degree in mechanical engineering and 11 years of experience working for major and large independent oil and gas companies  and engineering and construction firms.  Experienced in coordinating engineering design activities, setting up construction support functions, and defining the scope, quality, cost, and schedule controls for FPSO facilities, gas gathering and compression facilities, and offshore production platforms.  Additionally experienced in tankage and fluid transport systems and refinery, petrochemical, and chemical process facilities. Geographic areas worked include California, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, and Nigeria. Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.  Ask for F1512. 


Geoscience Technician with 30 years of experience working for two major oil and gas companies. Experienced in geological and geophysical data management, project management, data research, and loading 3-D seismic data, tops, digital curves, and directional surveys. Additionally experienced in supervising and mentoring employees. Software proficiency in Petra, Landmark Openworks, ArcGIS, Z-Map, PI/Dwights, Neuramap, and Neuralog and proficiency in UNIX and Linux operating systems. Geographic experience includes the Gulf of Mexico shelf and the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast.  Ask for TG212.     

Reservoir Geologist with a bachelor's degree in geology and 23 years of experience working for two E&P companies and a service company. Experienced in building reservoir models for lower tertiary fields and production fields, building reservoir characterization models for offshore international, deepwater Gulf of Mexico, and onshore Texas areas, and managing the G&G information technologies assets. Strongly skilled in providing comprehensive data integration of structural, stratigraphic, and petrophysical properties for 3-D visualization and reservoir characterization to determine new resource, economics, and commercial risks. Software proficiency includes Petrel, PETRA, LandMark, GeoQuest, Kingdom, Stratimagic, GeoGraphix, Intellex, GoCAD, Hampson-Russell, Voxel-Geo, Seisbase III, GDCMod, ArcView, Intergraph's MGE and MapInfo, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, Ingres, Access, and FoxPro databases.  Ask for G1908.    

Production Geologist with a master's degree in geology and 27 years of experience working with large and medium producing companies. Experienced in identifying prospects for lease acquisitions, calculating reserves, performing risk analysis, wellsite operations, and field development. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico shelf and deepwater. Software proficiency in KINGDOM, GeoX, GeoQuest and Landmark.  Ask for G1897.  

Geoscientist with 32 years of experience in geology and geophysics research and exploration at a major international oil company. Holds a PhD in marine geology from Columbia University. Experienced extensively in research in the application of seismic and sequence stratigraphy, seismic attributes, AVO and DHI analysis, data and interpretation visualization, and basin modeling. Recognized for excellence in teaching within the company and for the AAPG. Geographic experience includes the US Gulf Coast, West Africa, the North Sea, Australia, Indonesia, the US and Canadian Arctic, the Midland Basin, and China. Computer skills include VoxelGeo, IESX, and SATK. This candidate is excited to share skills and experiences with younger staff.  Ask for GG450.    

Engineering Technician with 24 years of experience working for large independents and major oil and gas companies.  Experienced in budget reporting, technical writing, economic analysis, production reporting, database management, and presentation development.  Software proficiency in ARIES, Peep, OFM, and VOLTS.  Ask for TE391.

Reservoir Engineer with a master's degree in petroleum engineering and 19 years of oil and gas experience working for major and large independent oil and gas companies as well as a consulting firm.  Experienced in reserve estimating, economic analysis, field studies, acquisitions, divestitures, and SEC reporting.  Geographic areas worked include Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Wyoming, Colorado, Angola, Gabon, China, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Argentina.  Software proficiency in ARIES, PROSPER, OFM, PHDWin, MBAL, Peep, SAPHIR and F.A.S.T. RTA.  Ask for R925.  

Reservoir Engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and 23 years of experience working for major oil and gas companies.  Experienced in reserve estimation, field development, production surveillance, economic analysis, reserve exploitation, reserve reporting, field-life depletion planning, and production forecasting.  Geographic areas worked include Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.  Software proficiency in Peep, Production Analyst, OFM, PAN System, PROSPER, MBAL, GAP, and PI/Dwights.  Ask for R116.  

Production Engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and 27 years of oil and gas experience working for large independents and a service company.  Experienced in artificial lift design, risk analysis, tender preparation, personnel supervision, completions, workovers, waterfloods, and casing evaluation.  Geographic areas worked Columbia, Peru, and the country of Georgia.  Software proficiency in GAP, MBAL, PROSPER, and Subpump.  Fluent in Spanish.  Ask for P394.  

Review thousands of talented people in more than 30 upstream disciplines at

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New Energy Career Markets  

Our industry's representatives are currently fighting the good fight in Washington trying to prevent potentially disastrous regulations from being implemented.  Hopefully Congress and President Obama's administration will see the error of their ways and leave our industry intact to provide the energy this country needs to keep the engines running.  Experts agree that alternative energy sources will not be able to completely replace hydrocarbons in the foreseeable future, but there is fast growing interest in green energy and the role it will play in securing our energy independence.  

If you are wondering how the public debate concerning our country's energy needs might play out for you, then you may be interested in knowing where your current skills translate into an alternative energy role.   And if you know of a young or not-so young person interested in a career in these industries (Not you! We need you!), it is time to understand the skills the various industry segments seek.

A recent report funded and commissioned by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) in cooperation with other international economic organizations found unprecedented global growth in all "green industries."  This is a very broad gathering of industries around the world, and all details have to be carefully understood, but here are some of the impressive highlights:   

• 2.3 million people world-wide have in recent years found new jobs in the renewable energy sector.  

• The study forecasts a rise of employment to 2.1 million in wind and 6.3 million in solar power by 2030.

• Projected investments in renewable energy of $630 billion by 2030 could translate into 20 million additional jobs.

• The global market for environmental products and services is projected to double from $1,370 billion to $2,740 billion by 2020.   

These are impressive numbers even if you downplay them for their exuberance and excitement in the subject.  If you are interested, McMorrow offers a summary report on its website.  And do not ignore the nuclear industry with its potential to add jobs to the economy.  Technologies, safety standards, and ease of installation have all improved over the past 30 years.  The industry is poised to become a player in the energy debate.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal provided a good take on the state of the industry.  

Time to pay attention to career disciplines and job markets of the future!    

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