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Petroleum Engineering Consultants

We at Collarini Associates are oil and gas consultants, with certified professional petroleum engineers and a certified professional geoscientist on staff. Our services include integrated field studies, reserve reports (including SEC and Nymex), acquisition evaluations, divestment evaluations, economic evaluations, prospect analyses and oil and gas reservoir solutions. Our client list is extensive.

Our team of petroleum engineering and geoscientist consultants will provide you with the best possible technical and financial evaluation of existing and potential oil and gas assets.


Because our people have talent, motivation, and long experience in the right technical disciplines and geographic areas. We apply our skills, along with current technology and our team evaluation and documentation process, to individually characterize and value every reservoir you own. We derive a great deal of satisfaction from finding the best answers and from doing our job well, and it shows.

We look forward to working with you.

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