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Career Management in Industry = Change Management

Collarini provides industry-focused training to help professionals build and master non-technical skills important to career advancement. These skills include vision, decision-making, teamwork, innovation, business acumen, and more. Recognized experts teach the modules, and each program can be tailored specifically for your needs.

Examples of our workshops and presenting experts include:

Career Transition Guidance 
We combine industry-knowledgeable advice with comprehensive career guidance services to better equip those in transition. Transition guidance services are a combination of:

  • Sharing the technical and market expertise of Collarini professionals
  • Focused training in essential career skills, developed by recognized career experts
  • Practical career counseling from career experts

Career Performance Guidance
We help teams and individuals master skills that differentiate truly great performance. Our professionals tailor training and guidance services to enable teams and individuals to work to their full potential in the changing oil and gas industry. Recognized experts teach modules customized to each team and situation, and Collarini guides can help ensure lessons are applied after training.

Technical Training Guidance 
We develop distinctive corporate training programs and advise individuals on training paths to accomplish desired career goals. Collarini provides reliable information about professional and technical skill attainment, clearly defines skills needed to perform key industry functions, and identifies leading training resources for each technical skill. Software for individual curriculum management and training scheduling and tracking is Internet based.

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