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Volume 16 • Issue 1 • January 2016
Our Perspective

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word prediction as a "statement about what will happen or might happen in the future". There are a lot of those going around these days regarding the oil and gas industry. Some of these predictions just make you shrug your shoulders, however a few may be worth thinking about and they may potentially give you some fresh perspective. Hope you can relate to our slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to the state of the oil and gas industry.

If you are caught in our industry's rough weathers, and chances are most of us are in one way or another caught in stressed businesses, you might appreciate some of our timely career advice. The bottom line is to hang in there - this too will pass!

Have a safe and peaceful 2016!

Your friends at Collarini

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10th Annual Midstream Summit 2016

Houston Marriot West Loop
Houston, TX

February 16 - 18, 2016
NAPE Summit

George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX

February 10 - 12, 2016

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Surefire Predictions for 2016. Maybe.

A newsletter we received recently made some not so serious predictions about what issues will become important in 2016. The article basically distributed advice in a humorous tone that you might find in a fortune cookie like "Something will really surprise you" and "Something that is obvious will become obvious" and then goes on to provide thoughtful advice that truisms are, well, true but sometimes overlooked as being too simple. This leads us to think about such instances in our own industry and how they might impact us. Heading into 2016, there are certainly a lot of predictions of doom and gloom for the oil and gas industry. It is hard to find anybody with anything good to say about its outlook. But as contrarians and strong believers in the glass half-full approach, here are some things that we think will help businesses weather the storm ahead.

First prediction: Companies will abide by "Do unto others…" We predict that some companies will retain a strong relationship with their staff and, if layoffs happen, with their former employees. These companies will keep their people engaged all the way and treat them fairly and with respect. Companies acting this way will retain their reputation in the industry with their future employees when the hiring cycle begins again.

Second prediction: Companies will see the forest despite the trees. We predict that companies who excel in this very tough environment won't lose sight of the big picture, and that includes staffing levels. While the tendency is to cut quickly and deeply in times of trouble, they will remember that we've been here before; we rebounded then, and we will rebound again. They will find a way to positively affect their bottom line without slicing operations to the bone.

Third prediction: Companies will use the right tool for the job. We predict that companies who excel this coming year will do things very efficiently and will employ the right mix of technology and human capital. Leaders will have the wisdom not to sacrifice one for the other. There will be no need to work employees harder to cover for outdated technology. Nor will organizations spend millions on the latest technology but fail to spend money training their staff to properly use it. For example, the results of hard working employees may hide inefficiencies caused by outdated technology. On the other hand, a gadget-happy organization may spend millions on the latest technology, but fail to spend money properly training their people to use it.

Fourth prediction: It will all come out in the wash. Oil and gas is not going to be replaced by renewables for a couple of decades. And while there is too much oil and gas inventory right now, that will change. These levels will come down, and international demand will go up again. We predict that companies doing a lot of different things right will make it by employing the right staff with the right support from friends in the industry.

Let us know if we can help, good luck, and all the best in 2016!

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The following biographies are just a small sampling of the kind of talent available in our talent pool of over 22,000 experts. Please call our placement managers if you are interested in learning more about these professionals, or check out our website for more candidates.

Executive with a master's degree in finance and 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for small, medium, and major E&P companies; and as a principal in a petroleum engineering firm. Proven success adding value through acquisitions, development, and operations; and in developing and leading multidisciplinary teams engaged in complex asset and corporate evaluations. Expert knowledge of petroleum economics, energy finance, reserves reporting, and data management. Experienced in onshore conventional and unconventional plays in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana; and in the offshore Texas Gulf coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Extensive network of industry contacts in upstream A&D, banking, and operations. Software proficiency in ARIES, PHDWin, and Microsoft Excel. Ask for M705

Geologist with a master's degree in geology and ten years of oil and gas industry experience working for a major oil and gas company and government agencies. Experienced in well log and seismic data interpretation and correlation, regional data integration, reservoir modeling, development planning, and database management. Geographic area experience in deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in Petrel, ArcGIS, SQL, Linux, UNIX, IESX, TIMS, and Microsoft Word and Excel. Ask for G2414

Geologist and proven oil finder with a bachelor's degree in geology and 11 years of experience working for a mid-sized oil and gas company. Experienced in sandstones, carbonates, and unconventional reservoirs and in many types of depositional environments. Broad operational and technical experience in several different basins including the Permian, Ft. Worth and Anadarko. Software proficiency in Petra, GES 97, PI/Dwights, Microsoft Applications, PetraSeis, Petrel Geographix, and Production Explorer. Ask for G2301

Business Development Executive with an MBA and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and 33 years of experience working for independent oil and gas companies and consulting firms. Experienced in the management of integrated study teams, the identification and execution of business development opportunities, and the management of mergers, acquisitions, and divestures. Additionally experienced in reserves determination, production forecasting, well performance analysis, risk analysis, petroleum economics, market valuation, auditing, certification, and the reporting of reserves. Geographic areas worked include North America, the Gulf of Mexico shelf and deepwater, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and the North Sea. Software proficiency in OFM, PHDWin, and ARIES. Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Louisiana. Ask for R1008

Geophysicist with a master's degree in geophysics and six years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for a major oil and gas company. Experienced in prospect maturation and risk, 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D seismic acquisition and processes; 3-D seismic interpretation, volumetric calculations, seismic attribute generation, velocity model generation and QC, well data management, and project management. Geographic area experience in deepwater West Africa. Software proficiency in Paradigm, Landmark, ProMax, and Omega 2, with exposure to ArcGIS and Petrel. Ask for GG533

Finance and Accounting Professional with 30 years of experience working for majors, mid-sized to large operators, and a service company. Experienced in production accounting including allocating monthly production, creating and maintaining the OGOR, collecting gas statements, run tickets, and third party statements to book sales; providing monthly volumes information, correcting volume discrepancies, providing production notices for new well completions, and communicating with field personnel. Additionally experienced in revenue, royalty, and general accounting; severance tax preparation, accounts payable, and cost accounting. Competent in state (Louisiana and Wyoming) and federal (BOEMRE and ONRR) reporting. Software proficiency in SAP, PRA, Enertia, Premas, ProCount, ODR, GIC, Access, JD Edwards, AS 400, PP+, Excalibur, TOW, and SONRIS. Ask for A268

Production Analyst with a bachelor's degree in environmental management and over 20 years of experience working for small and large operators and an accounting software firm. Experienced in analyzing daily production allocations for variances, entering and allocating monthly gas sales, maintaining regulatory databases, preparing and submitting well test forms, reconciling run tickets, and resolving production data anomalies. Geographic areas worked include Texas. Software proficiency in Enterprise Upstream, TOWcs, WolfePak, ARIES, and Enertia. Ask for A1304

Division Order Analyst with a JD and over 20 years of diversified energy industry experience working for both major and small independent oil and gas companies as well as the legal industry. Experienced in contract administration, vendor services, procurement, supply chain management, HSSE, master service agreements, legislative and government affairs, software licenses and agreements, energy services contracts, title opinions, division orders, and lease contracts. Additionally experienced in regulatory compliance, document review and analysis, telecommunication applications, licensing, contract compliance, and transactional disciplines. Geographic experience in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado. Software proficiency in Tobin, Enertia, Bolo, Excalibur, and Ariba. Ask for L676

Senior Construction Manager with over 40 years of foreign and domestic experience with a large contractor and as a consultant for large operators. Experienced in platform and pipeline construction including brownfield modifications, conceptual design, constructability optimization, cost estimating, planning, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and start-up. Proficient in the development and management of execution plans for virtually any offshore installation activity involving heavy lift and pipe lay vessel operations including fabrication and loadout of platforms for offshore structural installations and planning and execution of shore approaches involving HDD or open cut pipeline installations. Supervised the planning and execution of brownfield projects for offshore facilities requiring comprehensive interface with operations and safety personnel. Also experienced in ultra-deep water installation engineering and execution planning for PIP SCR/flowlines, PLET/manifolds, pipeline gathering systems and subsea production systems. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Russia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Trinidad, and Malaysia. Ask for F1715

Senior Operations Manager with 36 years of experience with a large independent, small independent, and a service company. Results-focused oilfield professional with progressive leadership experience in south Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Expert in implementing strategies to enhance productivity, safety, and profitability by analyzing individual wells to identify and resolve problems, including supervising well work and base operations. Experienced leading offshore operations teams, winning safety awards, improving efficiency of helicopter and marine transportation, and streamlining the contract labor workforce using six sigma protocols. Also experienced in field commissioning offshore. Ask for PO181

Senior Production Supervisor with 36 years of experience with a large independent. Highly accomplished with a history of leadership experience leading multi-million dollar operations offshore and inland with special expertise in general management, supply chain economics, logistics, turnaround initiatives, and vendor management. Experienced in troubleshooting pneumatic, electric, motor, and pump problems by identifying, securing, and aligning the best resources to achieve strategic turnarounds. Successfully revitalized operations of a dormant platform, tapping into an oil line that was previously thought to be bad in order to increase production from 400 to 2,200 barrels per day. Proven ability to plan and organize workloads and staff assignments, delivering necessary training, motivation, and evaluation of staff to identify and implement necessary changes which drive performance. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Texas. Ask for PO213

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Find a _________? Need a __________? How to deal with the "Gig Economy"

You can find a nanny, a handyman, a contractor, a car and driver, a maid service, and countless other services online. You could start an online service yourself if you have a new idea or one that is not being used too much. Or, you can become part of the oil and gas economy that uses help on demand. In this time of lower full-time employment associated with very low relative product prices of both oil and gas, the market for short- and intermediate-term, on-demand services is expected to blossom; even though budgets are much lower, work still has to be done. As companies' operating units figure out where they stand after some layoffs, and as any price recovery occurs, they will need specific technical and professional help to keep operations going. Here are some ideas that might help you prepare to take advantage of the opportunities:

Brush off your professional registration.
If you have let it lapse, consider having it reinstated. If you have never been licensed, look into what it takes. Some, but not most, gigs will require these credentials. Depending upon your profession, you will know whether this is important.

Practice your skills.
Your technical skills, especially your computer proficiency, will be important when considering taking on a temporary assignment. A good consultant is ready to hit the ground running with a sharp pencil, and you usually will not be able to bill someone for your own learning time unless it is proprietary software that they want you to learn for a long-term assignment. Many companies who sell industry software offer a free trial period of a couple of weeks to a month or so, and you can use this time to learn their products. If you are in the engineering, geoscience, land, or technical support business, the state and federal databases are free of charge, but it takes some time to learn to use them. If you are accustomed to having support people do this, now is a good time to redevelop your expertise.

Start a company.
It is good to have that ready, because hiring companies increasingly want the protection of doing business with a legal entity rather than with an individual. The reasons are related to certain federal regulations about benefits and taxes related to hiring people on a consulting basis, instead of as full time employees. You will also want to identify a commercial insurance agent as well as a tax advisor and attorney. You won't need these services or insurances right away, but you can be ready to pull the trigger when the time is right. And, for $300 or less and within 30 minutes you, too, can be the President and CEO of a business you name yourself! If you find you do not need it, your corporation or limited liability company can be used later for other purposes. The annual renewal fee is minimal. Helpful resources are abundant if you choose this route. Try the website for the
Texas Secretary of State, the Louisiana Secretary of State, or the U.S. Small Business Administration to start.

Print business cards. Network.
With a company in place or not, you will want a way for people to remember who you are after you leave that meeting or luncheon or even after church or a volunteer event. You can print nice ones yourself or go to an online service or local copy shop. And, please call us. We are set up with our own company with insurances, contracts, and advice if you need it. We wish you the best of everything, especially employment, in 2016 and welcome hearing from you!

Please share this with your friends and colleagues who may benefit from it.

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