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Transition Guidance

When the economic environment, your asset portfolio, or your organization changes, employees are affected. The end of large or complex projects may introduce the need to reduce staff. Whatever the circumstance, companies are recognized internally and in the marketplace by the circumstances under which employees leave the company.

In a tightening job market, talented people have a choice and want to work for quality companies that treat people well. People appreciate companies that ensure exiting employees receive expert counseling and advice so they can make positive career decisions.

The core of Collarini’s transition guidance is a seminar focused on the needs of technical professionals in transition and designed by knowledgeable industry experts and career advisors. One-on-one and small group support also is available. The program includes:

  • Practical advice on logistics such as resumes, interviews, and networking — targeted
    to industry professionals — taught in our seminar and supported by one-on-one guidance.

  • Career skills needed by all successful professionals, the Collarini Career Catalysts, taught by recognized experts and reinforced in ongoing guidance as needed.

  • Collarini’s unique insight to the energy industry, technical professions, and the staffing market, taught in our seminar.

  • Individual and practical guidance tailored for technical professionals and offered by career and technical experts. Our counselors will assist the professional in transition with practical resume preparation, job search and negotiation techniques.

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