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Volume 14 • Issue 6 • November 2014

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Our Perspective

Another year is almost behind us and what remains for us in our business are watching the basic components of good recruiting and hiring practices and for the individual to make good career choices. We don't mind repeating ourselves on these subjects by highlighting different aspects and factors influencing these processes. 

This month, we are sharing our thoughts on a slightly different level using comparisons that might surprise you at first. For example did you know that hiring practices have a lot in common with cooking a good meal when it comes to choosing the right ingredients? All amateur chefs with ambition who are reading the article can probably agree. You may agree after reading our employer tips and of course you just might get hungry...

And just wait until you read what the band Police have to do with your career.

We hope that you will have some quiet time these upcoming holidays to reflect on your tasks at work and your career.

All the best from your friends at Collarini! 
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Employer Tips

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Do you hate asparagus? Broccoli? Brussels sprouts?

My husband hates most vegetables, especially those whose names start with the letters "A" and "B". He is so picky! At least he likes carrots! But, I can turn even canned asparagus into a guacamole that he really likes, broccoli into a casserole he enjoys, and Brussels sprouts into ...okay, a small amount in moderation ...(adding salmon, dill and avocado; call me for the recipe).

Can you use this thought in your hiring practices? I have. I have found that strong fundamentals and work ethic transcends current knowledge and skills. Unless you are looking for a very short term project, you can teach people software and even technical skills to some extent. Our current internal staff is on-the-job trained by us and by industry courses, and they are the best we have ever had. They have mentors to back them up; three of us are engineers, industrial/financial people, and administrators. The more they lean on us, the better they learn.

We are currently still experiencing the manpower shortage in our industry that should make us less "picky" and more flexible in our hiring practices. I am proud to say that we at Collarini Energy Staffing are trying to find ways to utilize our technical and professional knowledge to find solutions to manpower shortages for you. We have deployed engineers with over 40 years of experience to work on acquisition and divestment projects as well as for production engineering needs as stop-gap solutions. We have sent engineers with just a few years of experience to perform reserve work where the employers have let them grow on the job.

Let us help you! I am sure you will be satisfied.

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The following biographies are just a small sampling of the kind of talent available in our talent pool of over 21,000 experts.  Please call our placement managers if you are interested in learning more about these professionals, or check out our website for more candidates.

Production Engineer with a master's degree in marketing with more than 30 years of experience working for mid-sized to large service companies. Expert in negotiations, international supply chain operations and distribution center management, warehouse operations, and cost efficient logistics management, shipping, and receiving. Also experienced in procurement management for maritime, offshore, oilfield supplies, industrial, fuel, and specialty items sourcing and distribution. Geographic area of experience is the Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in SAP. Language proficiency in English, French, and Spanish.  Ask for P414.

Completions Engineer with a master's degree in petroleum engineering and 27 years of experience working for operators and service companies. Expert in completion engineering including fracturing, sand control, equipment selection, completion design, procedure writing, vendor management, and perforation design. Additionally experienced in economic analysis, nodal analysis, reserve analysis, decline curve analysis, and volumetrics. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Egypt, Indonesia, Trinidad, Russia, and Iraq. Software proficiency in WEM.   Ask for P438.

Senior Engineer with a master's degree in civil engineering and 45 years of oil and gas industry experience working for small to large independents and a major operator. Expert in operational and HSE performance improvement. Developed a multi-disciplined team that doubled production in a two-year period. Experienced in personnel management, team building, business cycle planning, and division performance monitoring. Additionally experienced in drilling operations, production operations, production administration, research, engineering, and marketing. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico shelf and deepwater, Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, Montana, Guinea Bissau, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad, offshore Brazil, and Ecuador.  Ask for M625.

Accountant with a bachelor's degree in accounting and 24 years of experience working for operators, service companies, and a major accounting firm. Experienced in personnel management, financial related due diligence, budgeting, negotiations, evaluating and establishing accounting systems and procedures, coordinating IPOs, preparing pro-forma and monthly financial statements, and preparing SEC filings. Software proficiency in OGsys, Bolo, PeopleSoft, SAP, Great Plains, Agresso, Daly &Walcott, and PeachTree. Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas. Ask for A1395.

Land Analyst Analyst with 26 years of experience working for small to large operators in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in owner research, title runs, ownership interest determination, abstract preparation, proposal letter preparation, AFE preparation, production research, regulatory reporting, division order issue resolution, and lease package preparation. Additionally experienced in drilling and production engineering and geology support including wellbore diagram preparation, drilling, completion, production, and workover activity reporting; and public data research. Software proficiency in OGsys. Geographic areas worked include Texas and Louisiana. Ask for L1095.

Facilities Engineer with a degree in chemical engineering and 40 years of advanced production facilities engineering experience. Expert with process simulations, commercial aspects involving large scale LNG, gas gathering, compression and processing facilities, conceptual design, and detail engineering of onshore and ultra-deepwater offshore production facilities and pipelines. Experienced with project upstream tie-ins, cryogenic plant and pipelines for LNG facilities, all aspects of project management and contracts. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Arctic, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Far East, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. Ask for F502.

Engineering Technician with six years of experience working for a large operator. Experienced in data management, quality control, spreadsheet creation and maintenance, database maintenance, production plotting, scorecard creation, presentation creation, data uploading, graph creation, data research, and file maintenance. Geographic areas worked include Texas. Software experience in Peep, OFM, Spotfire, MS Frontpage, and Access.  Ask for TE609.

Geoscience Technician with 11 years of oil and gas industry experience working for small independents. Experienced in providing technical support for geology, geophysics, land, and engineering across all discipline levels including generating maps and cross sections, loading seismic data, printing and scanning geological data, well logs, maps, cross sections, reports, and studies; searching and locating wells, ordering core samples, and maintaining databases. Software proficiency in SMT Kingdom, DrillingInfo, NeuraScanner, NeuraLaser/Viewer, MAS2000, Geoatlas, XSection, IHS Enerdeq, WellBase, DI Desktop, Global Mapper, ScanWorks/Colortrac, Query Builder, Lexco, and AFE Navigator. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin.  Ask for TG884.

Petroleum Engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and approximately one year of experience working for an independent energy company. Experienced in reserves analysis, offset studies, completions, polymer floods, AFE writing, rod design, water floods, recompletions, decline curve analysis, cross section creation, and economic analysis. Geographic areas worked include Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Software experience in ARIES, SROD, SMT Kingdom, CMG, IHS, Enerdeq, and GeoGraphix. Ask for TE606.

Reservoir Engineer with a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering and 30 years of experience working for major and large independent oil and gas companies and as a consultant. Experienced in reservoir characterization, CO2 abatement analysis, economic modeling, risk analysis, forecasting, investment screening, thermal exploitation, software development, and corporate valuation. Geographic areas worked include the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Canada. Ask for R481.

Production and Reservoir Engineer with an MBA, a master's degree in petroleum engineering, and eleven years of experience working in oil and gas related roles. Experienced in facilities and production engineering including pipeline maintenance, compressor maintenance, and construction supervision. Additionally experienced in mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and strategic analysis. Familiar with ASME, API, and ANSI codes and standards. Software proficiency in ARIES, PEEP, Petra, DrillingInfo, MFrac, FracPro, and CMG. Ask for R1144.


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Career Advice

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Every risk you take, I'll be watching you...

You can download the Police recording on iTunes ("every breath you take"). I just did. But, more interesting to me was a panel discussion I attended a couple of weeks ago where three corporate directors described the paths to their successes. One was an oil industry executive who has and does serve on the boards of several well-known oil and gas companies, some multinational. She has experience domestically and internationally. Her education and background is engineering, but her current expertise is management. She has three children, grown now.

This panelist described her career as a series of risk-taking and "luck" to have a spouse who would share the risks for both of their careers. They have lived in Canada, Holland, England, and various domestic US locations, each taking risks at differing points in their careers. Just accommodating these career changes were risks. I very much appreciated her representation that every risk was a growth and learning experience.

She said that she went from an engineering position to an operations position ("how can I do that?") and she succeeded. She said that she went from an operations position to a management position ("how can I do that?") and she succeeded. Each move was a risk, both skill-wise and geography-wise. All along the way, though, she emphasized that doing a good job is important to gaining the opportunity to take the next step. It is a lesson to us all. Sometimes, life circumstances create the chance or need to take risk, and sometimes career circumstances do it. It is up to us to grab it or let it go by, like the brass ring on a carousel.

People who can help your career observe your success ("they are watching you!"), your attitude, and your actions. The best thing we can do is inhale the opportunities and succeed at meeting the challenges if that is what we want.

Where will you be in 15 years?!?


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