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Integrated Field Studies

Why conduct an integrated study?

  • To incorporate new data for a clearer reservoir picture
  • To identify opportunities to fully exploit the reserves
  • To better predict future performance                                                  
  • To document reserves for financial and tax purposes

Who conducts the study?
Technical specialists work together to characterize the reservoirs, honoring all valid available data. A geophysicist, geologist, petrophysicist, reservoir engineer, production engineer, and support technicians are involved as needed for the duration of the study. A company officer supervises the team.

Who gathers the data?
A meaningful study depends on complete and organized field information. Data search and organization are our strengths; we have retrieved and organized thousands of files, including selecting the technical information pertinent to a study.

What computer systems are used?
We use Seismic-Microtechnology's Kingdom software, including the Earthpak module. Our geoscientists are also capable on Landmark and GeoQuest workstations. We own licenses to nodal analysis and material balance software, @Risk and Crystal Ball, and PEEP and PhDWin economics packages. We belong to several log libraries and public data services.

How are the findings presented?
Progress reports are important to the success of the study. To the extent possible, the people who will be maintaining and implementing the recommendations should stay involved. We prefer to meet biweekly. The final report begins with an executive summary showing recom-mended actions and reserves. The wellbore utility chart and the database from which it is created show the status of every zone penetrated by every well, how much it has produced, and its geologic tops and pay count. This same database also holds petrophysical parameters. It is presented both page-size and wall-size.

The detailed documentation is organized by horizon, with the reserve calculations and rationale to make it easy to understand and manage the opportunities. The entire document, inclusive of raw data used in the evaluation, is presented digitally for easy transport and use. Only a small amount of time is spent documenting non-commercial and depleted zones.

Why use Collarini?
Our people have years of experience evaluating old fields with new data. The Gulf of Mexico, our area of greatest expertise, has had 3-D seismic coverage for many years, and we have conducted many comprehensive integrated studies there. Our track record is 80% success on prospects we have recommended and which have been drilled to date.

Because we also prepare reserve reports for financial and government reporting, your reserves will be ready to book in accordance with SPE/ WPC or your company-proscribed categories. Further, we are expert at depletion planning and presentation of cash flow forecasts before or after tax.

Our customers say it is our flexibility and attention to their needs, both in technical level of detail and in timing of results, that keeps them coming back.

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