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Today's Featured Candidates

These are just a few of our many qualified candidates. For a more complete list click here.

Reservoir Engineer - R1328

Reservoir Engineer with a bachelorís degree in petroleum engineering and 30 years of experience working for large E&P companies and mid-sized operators. Expert in corporate reserves as well as evaluations pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, and finance, with excellent analytical and organizational skills. Additionally experienced working with outside bankruptcy consultants to model and calculate recoveries. Geographic areas include the Permian Basin, mid-continent, south Texas and the Texas Gulf coast, Louisiana, and the Rocky Mountains. Proficient in ARIES and PHDWin.

Production/ Reservoir Engineer - PR711

Senior production engineer and asset manager with a doctorate in petroleum engineering and over 25 years of experience with a major oil company. Experienced leading production and reservoir engineers to optimize operated production as well as to provide oversight for OBO interests. Also provided functional and strategic oversight for the recruitment, deployment and development of the global population of petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, and petrophysicists including recruiting and onboarding personnel from a major acquisition. Earlier experience includes maintaining functional excellence in production optimization (well reviews, technical limit reviews, flow assurance best practices), and reservoir surveillance, delivering annual total production targets, including experience in waterfloods as well as future field developments. Expert in field and reservoir management, especially production optimization. Geographic areas worked include the US Lower 48 including coalbed methane, the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, and Australia.

Executives - M731

Business Executive and proven commercial leader with a bachelorís degree in business administration and an MBA with over 25 years of experience with large independents, an investment bank, and as a consultant. Proven track record of delivering strong results, leading teams, and building positive relationships with both internal and external key stakeholders. Demonstrated ability developing high-level business strategies and detailed project plans as well as leading execution of commercial ventures. Provides advisory services to upstream oil and gas clients with primary focus on acquisition and divestiture projects and overall strategy and portfolio composition. Dedicated principal engagement with the ability to focus efforts on opportunities that require creative solutions and smaller initiatives that typically fall outside of major advisory engagement guidelines. Geographic expertise incudes the onshore United States, the Gulf of Mexico, and a number of African countries.

Reservoir Engineer - R1332

Reservoir Engineer with a doctorate in chemical engineering and more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for international E&P companies. Expertise in reservoir simulation, integrated production modeling, modeling uncertainty in history matching, economics, and appraisal and field development. Additionally experienced in field optimization, reservoir surveillance, decline curve analysis, reserves assessment and forecasting, and production growth. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa. Software proficiency in GAP, PROSPER, and Peep.

Geologist - G2477

Geologist with a masterís degree in geological sciences, a bachelorís degree in geological engineering, and more than 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for large and major operators. Extensive background in deepwater turbidite depositional systems working high value assets. Expert in static reservoir modeling, volumetric assessments, geologic operations, 3-D seismic interpretation, and prospect generation. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico deepwater and shelf. Software proficiency in Petrel.

Geologist - G2478

Geologist with a masterís degree in geology and four years of experience in the oil and gas industry working for a major oil and gas company. Experienced in reservoir characterization, prospect maturation, seismic interpretation, well log correlation, seismic geomorphology, contour mapping, core analysis, well planning, economic analysis, and reservoir modeling. Geographic areas worked include the Gulf of Mexico deepwater and shelf. Software proficiency in Paradigm Epos, SKUA-GOCAD2014, OpenWorks/StratWorks, Petrosys, Petra, and ArcGIS.

Procurement Professional - PU1011

Army Officer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and five years of experience serving our country in leadership positions. Exemplary leadership qualities developed in increasing roles of responsibility as a platoon leader, executive officer, and a company commander. Direct oversight of a 150 person company responsible for training, safety, and readiness. Experienced managing logistical operations including the coordination and transport of $50 milllion of equipment via rail, truck, air, and boat transport across six international borders; and the evacuation of over $100 million of equipment without loss. Successfully managed personnel and projects in difficult multi-cultural and multi-language environments. Language proficiency in English and Spanish. TS/SCI security clearance.

Production Engineer - P857

Senior production and completions engineer and manager with a masterís degree in petroleum engineering and over 35 years of experience with two independent oil companies. Detail- and technology-oriented professional skilled in asset management, reservoir engineering and simulation, completions, production, and fracture stimulation in conventional and unconventional resources. Experienced advisor and manager of completions team ensuring sound engineering concepts and practices were employed, aligning with company values, and protecting company assets, people, and environment. Collaborated with other disciplines, including reservoir, production, land, and corporate planning, optimizing use of capital and ultimate recovery. Diagnosed and developed solutions for trouble wells, including casing restrictions, casing leaks, and sustained annular pressures, allowing completion of wells and capture of reserves in inaccessible sections of reservoir. Geographic areas worked include the Permian Basin, Rocky Mountains, and most recently the Eagle Ford shale. Software proficiency in ARIES, PHDWin, FracPro, Wellview, Spotfire, WEM, Rose Risk Analysis Suite, and others.

Production Engineer - P861

Petroleum Engineer with a bachelorís degree in petroleum engineering and nine years of experience, including seven years of production engineering and two years of reservoir engineering with a major oil company. Experienced in artificial lift methods, reservoir management strategies, hydraulic fracturing design, rig workover planning, surface facility constraints, engineering economics, and regulatory compliance. Geographic areas worked include Alaska and Texas. Proficient in SCADA, WellView, PEEP, RODSTAR, XSPOC, and Centrilift AutographPC.

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