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Career Performance Guidance

Technical organizations strive to achieve the highest possible performance from their assets – whether these assets are capital or people. Through talking and working with thousands of industry professionals each year, Collarini has identified the attributes that differentiate truly great performance. These attributes and associated skills, Collarini Career Catalysts, enable teams and individuals to work to their full potential in the changing oil and gas industry. The Collarini Career Catalysts are:
        • Integrity
        • Self Confidence
        • Passion
        • Respect
        • Judgment
        • Communication excellence

Collarini provides unique, industry-focused training and ongoing guidance to help companies and professionals build and master skills underpinning the Collarini Career Catalysts. These skills include vision, awareness of individual and team capabilities, sound decision-making, teamwork, innovation, business acumen, and more. Recognized experts develop and teach modules, guided by Collarini’s industry perspective. Each performance guidance program is tailored specifically for client needs.

Examples of Collarini’s career performance workshops and presenting experts include:

Lessons in the Fundamentals of Excellence (1-1/2 days)
The L.I.F.E.SM education dramatically increases organizational results by transforming excellent employees into passionate employees. By examining how the brain functions, learns, and handles change, your upstream teams learn how to improve performance now. The development and implementation of individual vision statements focused on all the Collarini Career Catalysts will show your team that vision accomplishment is simply becoming your new picture.

Business Ethics (2 hours)
Theory and real-life discussion and role-play on ethical dilemmas that face your team daily. By combining Collarini’s understanding of the industry and the L.I.F.E programs "Integrity Vision," your team will embrace absolute integrity.

Leveraging Your Accomplishments for Professional Recognition© (1/2 day)
Helps upstream professionals strengthen their professional portfolios for potential presentation and publication, as well as prepare for periodic reviews with managers to calibrate expectations and accomplishments. Helping your employees learn to be visible within your own organization and their professional societies will promote their self-confidence and bring your organization the visibility necessary to attract our industry’s brightest talents.

Giving Exceptional Technical Presentations – PowerPoint (1/2 day)
Takes upstream professionals from identifying content they already know through a draft presentation that clearly communicates the intended message to others on your team and others within your organization. Developing and mastering these skills within your organization will save valuable time and energy better spent optimizing your assets.

Persuasion Skills (1 day)
A persuasion skill set enhances many forms of clear communication skills, boosting self-confidence and improving results. Persuasion is negotiation, collaboration, conflict resolution, selling, and bridging cultures. Combined with the skills taught in the L.I.F.E program, upstream teams that have mastered persuasion skills quickly collaborate and resolve conflicts, efficiently reaching project and organizational goals.

Writing Exceptional Technical Papers (1/2 day)
Takes upstream professionals from identifying content they already know through draft article for professional publication, while teaching the daily skills necessary to clearly communicate within your organization.

Basic Decision Making (1/2 day)
All decisions are personal, but HOW your organization makes those decisions is not. Your upstream teams will be introduced to structured methods to achieve consistent decisions and sound judgement using criteria determined for each situation.

Fundamentals of Upstream Technology (1/2 day)
An overview of upstream technology from exploration to depletion by a knowledgeable industry expert. An important course for your non-technical staff that will clearly communicate to them their role in reaching your organization’s goals.

Project Management is Time Management (1/2 day)
Refresher of practical techniques for managing time when you’re working for and with other human beings! Basic project management skills and working styles overviews are introduced to upstream project members helping them to better understand their project managers and team leaders.
Communication Skills
Coaching for Technical Papers or Presentations
Whether it’s an upcoming presentation to analysts or potential partners, presenting your first technical paper at a conference, or skills required in a new position, clarity of communication by your executives and technical managers makes a strong impression for your company. One-on-one coaching and writing assistance will make your managers more self-confident while saving them valuable time.

Conflict Resolution
Highly skilled upstream professionals working on teams with high expectations can expect conflict and should understand that with conflicting views and opinions comes growth. Therefore your employees must master conflict resolution skills that will manifest themselves in a more respectful and self-confident organization.

Advanced Persuasion
Building on the skills taught in the basic persuasion skills workshop, this advanced workshop focuses on theory and individual practice and mastery of negotiation, selling, bridging cultures, dealing with difficult people, multi-party negotiations and negotiation through or by group representatives.
Team Skills
Vision Building
Building on the skills of vision development and accomplishment taught in the L.I.F.E program, Collarini’s upstream experience, and team vision processes developed by the Olsen Group; the CCM team helps your team develop a vision that your team can clearly communicate and become passionate about.

Coaching Excellence in Others (CEO)
High performing individuals exemplify the Collarini Career Catalysts.  Leaders bring them out in others. Utilizing the skills mastered from other CCM offerings and the CEO process developed by the Olsen Group, CEO coaches your managers to develop high performing professionals out of all their team members. CEO creates long term positive changes while increasing morale and lowering turnover. Most importantly, it grows managers into leaders!

Assessing Team Strengths, Gaps, and Needs
In today’s competitive environment, there is no time for a "broken" team and high-performing teams must look for ways to reach higher levels. CCM consultants utilizing their technical knowledge, their focus on the Collarini Career Catalysts, the Harrison Assessments for both individual and team analysis assess the people, processes, and culture of the team to suggest real solutions to optimize performance. Collarini’s team is then ready to help your team execute the implementation plan.

To arrange for performance guidance, contact Collarini.

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