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Only those of our candidates who choose to be displayed on our web site are shown here. We are in contact with many more candidates in each discipline. A complimentary customized search will be conducted to your specifications by one of our expert placement managers.

Drafting Technicians Comments Home Base
Drafting Technician - TD561 Structural Designer with eight years of experience in the engineering industry working with small to large service companies. Experienced in design for civil, structural, and energy-related onshore facility projects with a background in 3D/2D modeling, CAD technologies, and project methodology. Possesses high design generation and production knowledge to comprehensively coordinate, schedule, and support the implementation engineering work. Served as structural lead liaison to analyze project design conflicts and implement corrections. Software proficiency in PDMS, AutoPLANT, AutoCAD, CloudWorx, SmartPlant 3D, MicroStation XM, FrameWorks PLUS, AutoCAD Land Desktop, CADWorx, and STAAD.Pro. Language fluency in English, Spanish, and Mandarin/Chinese. Member of the 17th Civil Engineering Squadron in the United States Air Force. Certifications include AutoCAD and AutoPlant/Plant Design. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD372 Aerial mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). All phases: topographic, photogrammetry, digital, orthophoto, seafloor charting. Ground control surveys. Software development. Proposal and bid preparation. Corridor mapping for pipelines, highways, transmission lines, etc. Map projection conversions. Structuring a variety of data into a GIS environment using ESRI’s ArcMap. Experienced manager. Innovative and analytical thinker. Sales and marketing. Contract negotiations. Excellent communications and diplomatic skills. Extraordinarily culture-sensitive. Extensive international experience. Have lived in six countries and worked for American, Canadian, German, French, Italian, Swiss and Saudi Arabian companies. Fluent German. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD416 Piping Designer with over 40 years of experience in piping design and layout. Areas of expertise include piping activities for the chemical, petrochemical, refining, and specialty plastics industries. Project experience include front-end load, estimates, man-hours, plot development, layout design, checking of various units within each project, resolving technical problems related to piping layout or routings, resolving problems pertaining to RTR pipe, prefab skids, piping procedures, and material conveying, and participating in the design and layout of process plants to optimize operations, maintenance, safety, quality, constructability, and economics. Additionally experienced working with plant engineers on domestic and international assignments in China, Russia, and Samoa. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD605 Designer with extensive experience working in offshore facilities, petrochemical plants, gas plants, compressor stations, plastics plants and wastewater treatment. Expertise in front end layout, field sketches, design, redesign, checking and general drafting. Field maintenance experience includes installing equipment, developing flowsheets, demo drawings, rack work, generating finished construction drawings and updating all related drawings. Software proficiencies include P.D.M.S., PASCE and various types of AutoCAD. Seeking Houston placement. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD101 Drafting technician with 20 years of experience in a wide variety of drafting and design disciplines. Experienced in mechanical and electromechanical design. Skilled in designing onshore and offshore oil field equipment tanks, pressure vessels, compressors, pumps, and piping to ASME, API, UL, and MIL SPEC codes. Also skilled in structural steel, skids, steel buildings, derricks, and residential architectural detailing. Also experienced in drafting leases, pipelines, and plot plans, gauges and precision instrumentation, printed circuit board layout, tractors, trailers, and trailer mounted equipment. Skilled at camera-ready art, catalog illustrations, sales literature, and trade show displays. Proficient at Leroy lettering, Cadliner lettering, stenciling, and pencil and paper. Computer skills include AutoCAD versions 12-14 and Versatec. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD265 Piping Designer with over 25 years of project experience in the oil and gas industry. Areas of expertise include design and layout of high-pressure wellhead systems, manifolds, flow-lines, line heaters, risers, oil treating, gas dehydration, two and three stage gas compressors and compressor stations, vapor recovery units, oil and gas metering, incoming and departing oil and gas pipelines, pipeline pumps, water cleaning, relief systems, storage, disposal, utility, sewage systems, and firewater systems. Associated experience includes preparation of SFD’s, PFD’s, P&ID’s, equipment arrangements, plot plans, ASME coded vessel design, skid packages including large production modules, LCP’s, LSO’s with a complete composite materials list. Experienced with offshore platforms, onshore oil and gas facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, semi-submersible drill ships, and onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Software experience includes AutoCAD 2002, PowerCAD, FILEFINDER, basic Rebis, and ProPipe. Lafayette
Drafting Technician - TD288 Mechanical Engineer Associate /Design Technician with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and ten years of experience.
Experience includes the creation of Build of material for mechanical and electromechanical components, development of procedures for the removal and replacement of mechanical/electromechanical components, resolving engineering discrepancies, checking of engineering change notices, drawings, and revision changes. Software skills include Microstation J/V8, Auto CAD 2000, Pipe Drafting, Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, ASME codes, ANSI standards, Power Point, Page Maker, Microsoft Office.
Drafting Technician - TD496 Piping Designer with over 5 years of piping design experience related to developing plant layout design for Hydragen Reformers, LNG plants and oil refineries. Experienced in checking piping isometrics, piping and equipment modeling for Pipe Racks, Submerged conbustion Vapourisers, Burners, Steam drums, Reboilers, Recondensers, Pumps, LNG tanks etc, preparing piping MTO,reviewing vendor drawings. Recent experience includes using PDS for the design of piping and equipment arrangement for an LNG unit in USA. Computer skills include PDS, AutoCAD, Microstation, and PDMS. India
Drafting Technician - TD454 Piping Designer with over 20 years of piping design experience related to developing plant layout design for oil refineries, chemical plants, and butane and propane gas plants. Experienced in checking all phases of piping systems. Recent experience includes using PDMS, AutoCAD, and FlexCAD for the design of piping and equipment arrangement for an offshore platform and production boat. Computer skills include PDMS, AutoCAD, ProPipe Pro Iso, FlexCAD, Microstation, AutoPlant ISO, and AutoPlant Plans. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD267 Designer with over 20 years of experience in CAD design and computer graphics design of equipment racks for voice and data networks. Experienced with fabrication inspection of risers, Division 17 standards, creation of floor-plan drawings of projects, production of record drawings, creation of layout proposal drawings, designing BOP Panels for offshore oil rigs, and factory acceptance testing at clients’ locations. Additional IT experience includes setting up Ethernet networks for systems on Windows NT, technical training, and writing of user manuals for components. Experienced user of AutoCAD and Visio. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD360 Draftsman with 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry with two different major companies. Experienced in making graphic presentations, montages, and brochures, drafting structure maps, and maintaining seismic and well databases. Geographic areas worked include the onshore and offshore United States, Nigeria, South America, and Yemen. Computer skills include Designer, Corel, Microsoft Office, and AutoCAD. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD99 Drafting technician with an Associate's Degree and 8 years of work experience with offshore engineering design firms. Highly experienced in the design of piping and electrical systems for offshore pipeline systems and platform design using AutoCAD. Proficient in AutoCAD R13 and AutoCAD R12. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD343 Design coordinator with a Bachelor's Degree and 22 years of experience preparing and coordinating the development of intelligent and regular P&IDs and other project drawings on projects related to chemical, refinery, petrochemical, industrial, environmental, and public works facilities. Skilled at multi-discipline design coordination and producing material take-off’s (MTO), bid evaluations, and engineering estimates. Proficient in PDS systems using proper group breaks with no errors in propagation. Computer experience includes client CAD systems, PDS systems, 2D-PDS, MicroStation, AutoFLOW (PDMS) AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD197 Technical designer with more than fifteen years of experience in oil field equipment design. Design of components and assemblies, oil tools like test plugs, retrievers, bowl protectors. Normal use and strong knowledge of international standard like: API 6ª, 5ª, 5b, ANSI Y14.5, ASME III, VIII, ISO-9000, Total Quality Program, NACE MR-01-75, AutoCAD R14, Windows 98, MSOffice 97 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Front Page 98, Word Express. Fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English. Venezuela
Drafting Technician - TD129 Drafting technician with three years of experience working for a major oil and gas company. Highly experienced in geological mapping, 3-D solid modeling, AutoLisp, and software customizations. Skilled in piping, structural, civil, architectural, and mechanical drafting. Experienced in employee training, software installations, research and development, and writing Basic HTML. Computer skills include AutoCAD releases 12-14, Microstation 95 and Microstation SE, DOS, UNIX, MS Office, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, GIS mapping systems, SQL Plus, Finder, ZMap, CGM Composer, and ZEH Plotting software. New Orleans
Drafting Technician - TD76 Drafting technician with over 2,000 hours of technical drafting and design coursework and three years of drafting and design experience using AutoCAD. Experienced in constructing technical drawings in mechanical, structural, and electrical design. Capable in 3-D design as well. Proficient in the use of AutoCAD for DOS versions 10-13 and AutoCAD 13 for Windows 95. New Orleans
Drafting Technician - TD126 Geoscience, engineering, and drafting technician with a bachelor's degree and over 18 years of experience in the petroleum industry, associated with domestic and international production and exploration projects. Skilled in providing technical support in all phases of geoscience and engineering processes including loading and manipulating data, creating maps, charts, and presentation materials, digitizing, planimetering, and hanging cross-sections manually and via the use of UNIX and PC workstations. Computer skills include GeoQuest, Finder, SDI Montage, ArcView, ZMap, Geographix, Microsoft Office, CorelDraw, and Neuralog. Familiar with Chinese and Russian. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD251 Technical designer with five years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Proficient in oil based mud applications, directional and horizontal well design, creating drawings of wellpath maps, schematics, and postwell plots, 3-D virtual models containing structure, wellbore, and pay data, and 2-D and 3-D wellbore drainholes. Computer skills include AutoCAD v.13-14, DesignCAD, and WinServe, A-Lisp, VB, and C languages. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD125 Drafting technician with 25 years of extensive experience as an intergraph operator with several major oil and gas companies. Highly experienced in geoscience support and land drafting support. Highly skilled in generating contour maps, building plats, researching scout tickets, generating cross sections, retrieving well log data, scanning, log digitizing, creating design files, and planimetering. Experienced in management presentation of prospects. Geographic areas worked include Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast, Africa, Russia, Algeria, and the North Sea. Computer skills include Intergraph, AutoCad, MicroStation 95, MicroStation 3-D, RASB/Scanning, MS Office, Windows NT, Internet Explorer, Versaterm, AP Imaging, Right Fax, and Groupwise Mail. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD122 Structural engineering designer with a Bachelor's Degree and 22 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Highly experienced in industrial plant design and drafting. Experienced in supervising design and drafting personnel on a wide variety of projects in refining, petroleum storage, natural gas processing, petrochemical plants, industrial wastewater treatment, and environmental areas. Experienced in structural steel and concrete design. Computer skills include AutoCad Releases 12, 13, and 14. B.S., Environmental Design, Texas A&M University Houston
Drafting Technician - TD123 Geoscience drafting technician with over 18 years of work experience with a major oil company. Experienced in creating maps, cross sections, montages, presentation displays, charts, isopachs, land maps, and brochures. Experienced in computer software and hardware support. Computer skills include GES, Microsoft Office, Aldus Freehand7, AutoCad 12, ME-10 CAD, Harvard Graphics, GeoGraphix ProFlow, P.I., and Corel Draw 5 Houston
Drafting Technician - TD8 Drafting technician with 20 years of experience in drafting and graphics design and data entry. Self-motivated team player with natural artistic abilities. Experienced in creating graphic presentations, data entry, creating databases and spreadsheets, and preparing newsletters and brochures. Also experienced in coloring seismic sections and geologic maps. Computer skills include Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Corel Draw. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD35 Drafting technician with 23 years of experience in the oil and gas industry including three years of experience in AutoCAD drafting. Knowledgeable in all phases of land, geological, and geophysical drafting. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD36 Instrument engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree and seven years of drafting and designing experience using AutoCAD. Experienced in preparing specifications and completing requisitions for field instruments including toxic gas detectors, pressure gauges, bi-metal thermometers, and thermocouples. Houston
Drafting Technician - TD16 Drafting technician with 15 years of petroleum industry experience with a major oil company and industry service company. Extremely proficient in production information database system, mapping of wells, and presentation graphics including cross-sections, wellbore utilization charts, and structure maps. Certified in Release 10 of basic AutoCAD. New Orleans
Drafting Technician - TD32 AutoCAD designer/drafter with a Master's degree in business administration and seven years of offshore and onshore experience with leading oilfield and oil tool manufacturing companies. Expert in the use of AutoCAD Release 12 and Release 13 to design and support the manufacturing process for subsea and land-based unibody wellhead systems, BOP’s, actuators, and downhole tool equipment. Majority of experience has been in the Gulf of Mexico. High level of computer skills in Corel Draw, AutoCAD, and Word Perfect. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office 97. Houston
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