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Only those of our candidates who choose to be displayed on our web site are shown here. We are in contact with many more candidates in each discipline. A complimentary customized search will be conducted to your specifications by one of our expert placement managers.

Information Technology Specialists Comments Home Base
IT Professional - DB878 Senior Business Analyst with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering technology and ten years experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in building and maintaining technical software modules and networks. Experienced with integrated technology such as SAP modules, MathCad, AutoCad, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, FrontPage, EWB, etc. Also experienced in complex financial products and system architectures. Houston
IT Professional - DB778 Engineering Technician with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and 14 years of experience working for a consulting firm, a major operator, and a service company. Experienced in supporting engineering and field operations staff, analyzing and manipulating operational integrity management and production surveillance data, generating production loss and financial impact reports, and updating, enhancing, and promoting facility engineering and production websites. Software proficiency in Documentum, SharePoint, QuickBooks, SAP, Desktop Inventor, AutoCAD, Workbench, and ClarisWorks. Houston
IT Professional - DB547 Geoscience and Data Technician with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and over 12 years of experience working for major service and oil and gas companies. Experienced in organizing and improving departmental workflow processes while utilizing a broad range of computer systems and software packages. Additional experience includes reviewing client and partner open hole, cased hole and logging while drilling data for content to construct master database and analyzing DLIS files. Software proficiency include Oracle, Schlumberger Toolbox , LAS Command, IHS, Drilling Office, Archive 2000, UNIX, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise 3 Version 8, SAP R/3, LogMart 1.6.3, Via Vista 2.5, EzTools, and FrontPage 2000. Houston
IT Professional - DB905 Information Technology professional with a bachelor's degree in computer science and 16 years of experience working for oil and gas operators and service companies supporting high end projects. Experienced in IT service management, operations administration, strategy, system administration, help desk support, and remedy desk support. Managed the installation, repair, and routine maintenance of IT infrastructure and software; maintained consistent up time for all communications to include VSAT, PABX, PAGA, and SVDR; accountable for IT budget process, managed service desk operations, and modified and supported all computers and user groups. ITIL certified. Maintains current TWIC, RIGPASS, BOSIET, and HUET certifications. Houston
IT Professional - DB936 Information technology professional with a master’s degree in geology and 18 years of experience with a large independent as an IT professional and geologist. Expert in data flow, system integration, business processes associated with the capture and management of hydrocarbon production data from the wellbore to production accounting, and exceptional in software support, continuous improvement, and being able to bridge the gap between business processes and technical requirements. Software experience includes Landmark Suite, OFM, PEEP, Petrel, SmartSection, ArcVeiw, P2ES Enterprise Upstream’s Production Management, and others. Houston
IT Professional - DB284 Instrumentation and Control Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and over 20 years of experience in oil and gas, waste treatment, nuclear, and utilities and power industries. Expert in conceptual design engineering of highly automated controls in ESD, SIS, BPCS, BMS, CMC, and F&G systems. Experienced in DCS configuration, graphic development, PLC programming, and HMI interface. Proficiency in DCS systems (Honeywell TDC3000, and TPS), PLC systems (Triconex, Tristation 1131, AB PLC5, Modicon 984, Honeywell FSC, August, and GE Fanuc), Graphic systems (Foxboro IA, and Honeywell HMIWeb Experion C200 PKS), PLC/HMI/DCS interface systems (Siemens S7-400, Schneider, Magelis, Delta V, and Yokogawa), and CAD systems (SmartPlant Intergraph Microstation, and AutoCAD). Houston
IT Professional - DB914 Geoscientist with a bachelor’s degree in physics, a PhD in engineering and nanoscale science, and five years of experience with a premier research university and a major oil and gas service company. Experienced in project management, software development, quality assurance, process improvement, data analysis, strategy implementation, and 2-D and 3-D microseismic data for hydraulic fracture monitoring. Additionally experienced in the design and quality assurance of workflows, the development of quality control software, the design and implementation of perforation detection software, and the execution of complex material systems. Proficient in Python, Perl, Java, PHP, MySQL, Landmark/SeisSpace, ParaView, UNIX/Linux, UNIX shell scripts, C++, GLE, HTML, CSS, LaTeX, OriginLab, RUMP, Maple, and Alibre Design. Houston
IT Professional - DB908 IT Professional with a bachelor's degree and 15 years of experience working for operators, service companies, and a technical services firm. Experienced in customer service management, customer satisfaction enhancement, IT desktop support, project and vendor management, software packaging and scripting, Windows 7 deployment, and Altiris deployment solutions. Certifications include Cisco Certified Network Associate, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, A+ Core Service Technician, and DOS/Windows certification. Houston
IT Professional - DB103 Petroleum engineer and IT analyst with a BS in Petroleum Engineering and MS in Engineering Systems and 30 years of experience. Highly skilled at reservoir simulation and the design, implementation, and management of reservoir and production simulation databases. Experienced with the following systems: BETA II (Black Oil Model), ECLIPSE (Black Oil Model), Water Flood Model, Compositional Model, Thermal Flow Model, Chemical Flood Model, Polymer Flood Model, CO2 Flood Model, Material Balance, Pressure Transient Analysis, Multiphase Flow in Pipes and Nodal Analysis. Houston
IT Professional - DB887 IT Programmer/Project Manager with a master’s degree in business administration and 40 years of experience in computer data management and programming. Expert in Access database programming for well, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and Internet applications. Experienced with databases, document management and network systems design, structures, and installations, data communications, and office productivity products, services, and troubleshooting. Additionally experienced with custom programming and web based solutions for the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries including transportation and data storage. Louisiana
IT Professional - DB163 Database analyst with a PhD and 21 years of experience in database management systems. Experienced in statistical modeling, measurement and analysis, data quality concepts and methodologies, business process and controls, benchmarking and forecasting, and web-enabled reporting. Expert in data and information integrity, statistical analysis, knowledge-based data mining, analytical benchmarking and scoring, and data visualization to improve strategic and operational business processes. Additionally experienced in designing, developing, and integrating software products related to business collaboration, financial, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Software proficiency in Sybase, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, ETL, ODS, C, C++, Visual Basic, MATLAB, Fortran 90, WebSphere, Java, XML, and Unix. Houston
IT Professional - DB884 Senior Database Administrator with a master's degree and 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Expert in SAP system implementation and maintenance of technical software and networks integrating modules for MM, PP, PP-PI, SD, PS, QM, PM and FI/CO. Experienced in SAP relevant technologies related to oil and gas, industrial, and commercial machinery. Software proficiency in SAP R/3 ECC6, SAP Solution Manager, MS Project & MS Visio, HP Quality Center 10.0, Relational Quality Manager(IBM), Meter Data Management System (MDMS), RDBMS, Mainframe COBOL, SQL, RDBMS, UNIX, and Maximo. Colorado
IT Professional - DB870 Senior Business Analyst with a master's degree and 14 years of experience in several industries including oil and gas, energy, healthcare, REIT, and information technology. Expert knowledge of HFM, FDM, and Sybase. Superuser in SAP, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta, and Atlas. Experienced in the areas of financial systems, consolidation, financial reporting, modeling, budgeting and forecasting, variance analysis, and project management. Thorough understanding of data integration and analysis, system assessment and fine tuning, process documentation, improvement, and reporting. Houston
IT Professional - DB668 Certified Systems Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a master’s degree in electrical engineering, and 13 years of experience in field services, project management, and business analysis in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in performing wireline log services in open-hole oilfield wells, including organizing and managing well-site logistics processes, assuring adherence to safety regulations, supervising equipment calibrations and maintenance, and performing extensive operational reporting, metrics generation, database analysis, and report writing. Also experienced in testing and troubleshooting seismic acquisition systems as well as creating project development standards, designs, plans, control process flows, and data analysis for business projects. Software proficiency in MS DOS, Windows NT/ME/XP/Vista, MAC OS, Unix, Linux, C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, Visual Basic, SQL Script, Fortran, COBOL, FrontPage, Visio, MatLab, LabVIEW, Pspice, AutoCAD, and OFM. Midland
IT Professional - DB617 Petroleum engineer and information technology professional with bachelors’ degrees in petroleum engineering and computer science, and 20 years of experience. Expert in database management and programming. Experienced in reservoir surveillance of gas wells. Technically proficient in Java, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, SQL, C/C++, MS SQL, Oracle, and MySQL. Fluent in English and Chinese. Houston
IT Professional - DB367 Software engineer and developer with a masters degree in computer science and 29 years of programming experience using several computer languages. Expert in sediment basin development modeling, geological data processing and numerical analysis, image processing and analysis, and user interfaces for accessing databases. Proficient in MATLAB, Hampson Russel C++, C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, HTML, JavaScript, and VBScript using operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, Windows, and DOS. Houston
IT Professional - DB598 IT Professional with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and 15 years of experience in IT operations, with ten years in an IT operation leadership role. Expert in exploration and development supporting subsurface applications, project management, active directory, and relational database software. Experienced in systems engineering, designing, infrastructure consultancy, and architecture. Additionally experienced in IT real time well data analysis and torque turn/time from the area of logging while drilling, measurement while drilling, and well monitoring. Certifications include Project Management Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified System Administrator, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, and Cisco Certified Network Associate. Houston
IT Professional - DB695 Revenue accountant/production analyst with bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting and finance, with an emphasis in global oil and gas energy management and two years related experience with a major oil and gas company. Expertise in revenue accounting, joint interest accounting, billing, operational compliance and data management. Experienced in project management, digitizing, reconciliation, budget, forecasting and business analysis. Technical proficiencies include Advanced Excel (Pivot Table and V Lookup), SAP, Quickbooks, TOW, Livelink, Peachtree, and supply chain software. CPA candidate for 2008. Professional demeanor with accomplished oral and written presentation. Houston
IT Professional - DB371 Applications Developer with 30 years of experience in helping companies consolidate their computer applications into an integrated package. Has worked for major and independent oil companies developing customized integrated "toolboxes" of proprietary and commercial software that will accelerate your project turnaround time. Expert in Visual Basic, Oracle, GIS, MS ADO and DAO and numerous other computer applications. Houston
IT Professional - DB596 IT Director / Manager with a bachelor’s degree and 20 years of experience in Infrastructures, Data Centers, Network Operations Centers, Help Desks, Call Centers, Systems and Applications. Strong experience in the profitable development and oversight of program, project and support teams and organizations working in tandem with existing and new technologies. Proven conception, development and use of an anticipatory style of fault and event monitoring leading to a minimization of downtime and an increase of productivity within all types and styles of operational and/or support environments. Houston
IT Professional - DB410 Information technology professional with more than 10 years of domestic experience. Experienced in the oil and gas and medical industries. Also experienced in project management, system administration, network administration, application support, and database administration. Proficient in Solaris, IRIX, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Familiar with GeoFrame applications, Oracle, and OpenSpirit. Highly skilled in the use of Microsoft Office products to produce technical documentation and technical presentations. Houston
IT Professional - DB4 Database technician a Master's degree in Geology with 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Extensive background in the use of geoscience application and database software in support of users finding oil and gas. Expert at translating user's requirements into program functions. Unique combination of geo-exploration experience and computer development. Geographic areas include California. Computer skills include Oracle, SQL, ArcView, ArcInfo, Access, UNIX, Landmark, GeoGraphix, GeoQuest, and MS Office. Houston
IT Professional - DB6 Programmer with 25 years of experience and an Associates degree in Electronic Technology, specializing in accounting/scientific applications. Skilled user of COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, BORLAND C++, and UNIX work stations. Proficient in PC Windows, Microsoft Office Version 7, and HP printer systems. Growth oriented self-starter who works well independently and as a member of a team. Excellent work habits, reliable, loyal, and personable. Able to work smoothly with diverse personalities and work styles. Houston
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