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Only those of our candidates who choose to be displayed on our web site are shown here. We are in contact with many more candidates in each discipline. A complimentary customized search will be conducted to your specifications by one of our expert placement managers.

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Business Analyst - BA193 Business Manager with an MBA, a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and 13 years of experience working for service companies and a business consulting firm. Managerial experience includes leading the North American operations of a project management company, regional profit and loss, consultant management, major customer relationships, technology projects, the development and commercialization of new well control technologies, concept design evaluation, risk identification and assessment, mechanical integrity services, budgeting, service line roll-outs, new product development, marketing, promotional presentations, and coaching and mentoring. Additional experience includes designing an extensive ERM program, career development, launching a university’s Petroleum Engineering Capstone Program, and teaching college level project management. Languages include fluent Spanish. Houston
Business Analyst - BA223 Petroleum Economist and Engineer with master’s degrees in petroleum economics and petroleum engineering, a bachelor’s degree in geophysics, and 17 years of experience working for major operators and a service company. Experience includes developing an economic assurance process for shale AFEs, standardizing economic processes and controls for shale assets, SMOG guidelines and processes, SMOG training, economic modeling and evaluation, risk analysis, VoI analysis, budget planning, PVR, project post mortems, strategic analysis, development of a GIP matrix tool, Excel modeling, R&D evaluation, M&A evaluations, asset location matrix modeling, market research, economic studies, fiscal modeling, teaching risk analysis, and mentoring multi-disciplinary colleagues in economics. Computer skills include PEEP, DTK, ARIES, @Risk, and Crystal Ball. Languages include fluent Spanish. Houston
Business Analyst - BA554 Administrative Manager with an MBA, a bachelor’s degree in business, and eight years of experience working for a retailer and offshore service companies. Managerial experience includes new construction vessel tracking, milestone control for new construction projects, port budget and expense control, executive financial forecasting, purchase order and revenue generation tracking, file creation and maintenance, accounts payable and receivable, billing, document verification, equipment traceability, dual port office operations, and customer liaising. Additional experience includes project coordination, surveyor tracking and scheduling, proofing technical reports, and HR support for offshore and onshore employees. Computer skills include Oracle, SPSS statistical analysis, Noetix, and MS Office. New Orleans
Business Analyst - BA551 Executive and E&P Analyst with an MBA, a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, and 21 years of experience working for a major operator, a small independent, and investment banks. Executive experience includes mergers and acquisitions, divestiture potential of corporate assets, evaluation of acquisition candidates, investor relations management, financial, operator and shareholder tracking, transactional due diligence, rig count forecasting, breakeven analyses, play-by-play models, and presentations to E&P management teams, investors, and industry conferences. Additional business experience includes capital ranking preparation, strategic planning, capital budget evaluations, profitability modeling, proposal writing and analysis, and allocation modeling. Technical experience includes prospect evaluations, directional drilling software automation, field evaluation, capital development, and well-site operations management. Houston
Business Analyst - BA520 Investment Analyst with an MBA, a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting, and five years of experience working for an investment brokerage firm and an investment bank. Experience includes debt and equity offerings, sell-side and buy side mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, valuations analysis, merger and LBO modeling, market and opportunity analysis, P&L forecasting, cash flow forecasting, accounts receivable reconciliation, procedure streamlining, fixed asset budgeting, bank and balance sheet reconciliation, cost variance and inventory summaries, business presentations and marketing, and supervision and mentoring of junior analysts. Computer skills include QuickBooks and MS Office. Languages include conversational French. Houston
Business Analyst - BA438 Senior Oil & Gas Trading Specialist with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and 34 years of experience with major and mid-sized exploration and production companies. Experienced in analysis of domestic and international crude oil markets, management of crude oil supply chains, crude oil trading, analysis of business opportunities, crude oil risk management, and negotiations with producers for crude oil supplies. Maintains a license as a professional real estate inspector in Texas. Houston
Business Analyst - BA460 Financial Analyst with a bachelor’s degree in finance and over 15 years of experience working for large independent oil and gas companies. Expert in financial analysis and accounting including budgeting, forecasting, cost analysis, reserve reconciliation, and operations reporting. Additional experience as a business analyst managing production from offshore fields, tracking well statuses, and advising regarding government regulations and reporting requirements. Software experience in Microsoft Office, Novistar, Enterprise Upstream, Oracle, Hyperion Essbase, BPC, Business Objects, PREMAS, SAP and AS400 Mainframe Applications, Lotus, ARIES, and WordPerfect. Houston
Business Analyst - BA14 Petroleum engineer and business analyst with eight years experience. Undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering and MBA. Experience with a large integrated oil company, several major service companies, and a small, non-operating energy investing company. Articulate and hardworking problem-solver with broad-based experience in oil & gas production operations and economic analysis. Interested in returning to full-time employment now that children are grown. Houston
Business Analyst - BA443 Financial Analyst with a bachelor of business administration in finance and business and 11 years of experience working for a large operator, independents, and an investment company. Experienced in financial modeling and analysis, process improvement and efficiency enhancement, financial and operational analysis, business development, investment banking, and risk management and mitigation. Software proficiency includes MS Office, Hyperion Essbase, and Spotfire. Houston
Business Analyst - BA112 Gas and Liquids Marketer with a BA from George Washington University and 30 years of industry experience. Worked for 14 years for a major oil company as a first order gas marketer, negotiating contracts with producers, gathering companies, pipelines and end users. Involved in all levels of planning, budgeting, scheduling and reporting for the group. Started marketing program for a medium sized independent, setting up their marketing department from scratch and was involved in the marketing of all of their gas, oil and NGLs. Developed significant industry and government contacts through his activities that could be a great resource for any company. Houston
Business Analyst - BA491 Senior Engineer and Business Manager with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a master’s in business administration, and 40 years of experience with mid-sized exploration and production companies. Experienced in plant engineering, pipeline operations, pipeline engineering, pipeline market analysis, developing and implementing natural gas projects, formulation of business strategies for natural gas projects, natural gas market analysis, negotiation of rights of way and pipeline construction agreements, corporate restructuring, asset negotiation and procurement. Also experienced in regulatory analysis, legal analysis, financial analysis, contract administration, risk assessment, and contract negotiation. Houston
Business Analyst - BA488 Senior Production and Marketing Professional with 35 years of experience with mid-sized exploration and production companies. Experienced in negotiation of crude, condensate and gas sales, analysis of oil & NG markets, BSEE and BOEM regulations, volume and price verification, marketing, invoicing, contract review and analysis, and marketing of oil and gas properties and production. Houston
Business Analyst - BA487 Senior Economic Analyst and Manager with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and 32 years of experience with one major exploration and production company. Experienced in M&A, economic analysis, financial analysis, business development, compliance with NERC and regional standards, alternative energies, oil & gas trading, FTC compliance, oil & gas distribution, commercial negotiation, and emerging technology development, sales, and marketing. Highly experienced in major capital projects in oil, gas, coal, and alternative fuels. Houston
Business Analyst - BA420 Crude Oil and Gas Marketing Consultant with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, an MBA, and over 15 years of experience working for upstream and midstream oil and gas trading organizations. Expertise in production, oil refining, logistics, market fundamentals and hydrocarbon chemistry. Experienced in crude oil marketing, investment analysis and evaluation, strategic marketing, the creation of new marketing business, management of commercial relationships, and refinery optimization. Additional experience in project management, commodities research, price forecasting, M&A analysis, capital budget planning, capital allocation, key performance indicator development, and asset portfolio management. Regional experience includes the Eagle Ford formation and the Permian, Williston, and Uinta basins. Colorado
Business Analyst - BA516 Finance Professional with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, an MBA in finance, and over 30 years of experience in oil and energy. Experienced in asset optimization, cash flow analysis, derivatives trading. Additionally experienced in natural gas trading, crude and byproducts marketing, energy risk management, interstate/intrastate pipeline operations, contract negotiations, business development, financial analysis, and petroleum engineering. Houston
Business Analyst - BA472 Senior Data Analyst with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and 31 years of experience with major exploration and production companies. Experienced in safety analysis and reporting, workers compensation claims, maintenance of management systems, regulatory analysis, federal regulatory reporting (BLM, BIA, BOEM, BSEE, EPA) and state regulatory reporting (Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, and Louisiana), regulatory analysis, and offshore permitting. Software proficiency in SpotFire, SharePoint, COBOL, Ada, and SAS. Louisiana
Business Analyst - BA517 Accountant with a bachelor's degree in accounting and more than 20 years of experience working for energy trading companies and the gas marketing division of large operators as a manager and as a trader. Experienced in strategy development, market development, business development, personnel management, and operational leadership. Additionally experienced in the purchase and sale of hydrocarbons, sales negotiation, deal management, transaction management, and market positioning. Software proficiency in OpenLink Endur. Houston
Business Analyst - BA456 Financial Analyst with a bachelor’s degree in finance, an MBA, and 10 years of experience working for financial institutions and a large oil and gas operator. Expert in economic evaluations of oil and gas asset opportunities and trading and marketing gas and crude oil. Experience in analyzing conventional and unconventional exploration plays, working on integrated teams with engineers, geologists, and commercial professionals; supporting business development efforts, analyzing numerous drilling opportunities, designing and building economic models, analyzing capital and human resource requirements and efficiencies, managing and supporting trade support teams for products and commodities, and performing due diligence work on assets under consideration for purchase. CFA Level II Candidate. Fluent in Hebrew. Houston
Business Analyst - BA446 Senior Business and Cost Analyst and CPA with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and 38 years of experience with major exploration and production companies. Experienced in project/cost controls, project evaluation, commercial and economic analysis, finance and accounting, domestic and international project modeling, strategic business planning, decision analysis, framing, tax and financial structuring, economic evaluations and acquisitions. Also experienced in SEC, operational accounting, and internal audits. Expert in Excel. Houston
Business Analyst - BA453 Business Analyst with an MBA and 19 years of experience working for energy marketing, investment banking, and energy consulting firms. Experienced in acquisitions, mergers, and divestment analysis; debt and equity analysis, energy asset valuation and profitability analysis, and project and operations viability analysis. Conducted and advised on valuations under fiscal regimes of several countries including Canada, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Kuwait, Cambodia, Mexico, and Argentina. Software proficiency in Excel, PHDWin, and PEEP. Series 7, 63, and 79 licensed. Houston
Business Analyst - BA90 Business Analyst with a bachelor’s of business administration in marketing and over 40 years of experience working for majors, several independents, and as a consultant. Experienced in acquisition and contract management, onshore and offshore production review, due diligence, acquisition analysis, project evaluation, gas processing agreements, asset acquisition, project administration, and gas marketing. Additionally experienced as a land, lease, and contracts professional with knowledge of division orders, right of ways, and management of land data. Geographic areas worked include Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. Software proficiency in Microsoft Office, LexisNexis, Tobin, and TransEnergy. Houston
Business Analyst - BA421 Energy Analyst with a master's degree in physics and six years of experience working for energy companies. Experienced in analyzing business development strategies, managing portfolios, optimizing portfolios, valuing optionality, remodeling risk reports, executing trades, calculating budgets, creating daily and weekly reports for traders, and evaluating models and assumptions. United Kingdom
Business Analyst - BA333 Finance Manager with a master’s degree in economics and international affairs and 21 years of experience working for mid-sized independents and major operators. Experienced in project management, internal audit, and compliance. Additionally experienced in financial analysis, business processes, due diligence, risk analysis, and internal controls and systems. Geographic areas worked include Europe, Africa, and Asia. Software proficiency in SAP, Hyperion, and Artesia. Language fluency in Italian, French, Arabic, and basic Spanish. Houston
Business Analyst - BA395 Business Analyst with a bachelor's degree in accounting and more than ten year's of experience in the energy industry. Expertise in financial risk management. Experienced in capital allocation for investments, economic parity analysis, development of cost-benefit profiles, actuarial analysis, capital forecasting, rate case filings, strategy development, and economic feasibility analysis. Software programming skills using VBA, MATLAB, SQL, and SAS. Houston
Business Analyst - BA362 Senior Business Developer with master’s degree in geology, MBA, and 25 years of experience in managerial, commercial, technical and consulting roles in major and large independent oil and gas companies. Experience includes LNG market development in India resulting in major gas supply contract to national pipeline system; project leader for multi-discipline teams evaluating new business opportunities in unconventional resource plays; new E&P ventures generation with geotechnical and economic evaluation in Africa and Asia-Pacific resulting in acquisitions, trades, and sales of assets; portfolio management and strategic planning for North American E&P properties resulting in restructuring that includes divestitures and acquisitions of portfolio focused on core assets. Recognized for strong leadership and interpersonal skills combined with results-oriented focus, high initiative and integrity. Extensive foreign work and travel experience and multi-lingual conversant in French and Spanish. Georgia
Business Analyst - BA295 Business Analyst with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and 14 years of experience working for large independent companies. Experienced in document control, local purchase order controls, requisition orders control, purchase order distribution, shipping document controls, monthly budget monitoring, and general correspondence writing. Geographic areas worked include North Africa. Software proficiency in EDMS, MS Office, and Adobe Acrobat. Language fluency in English, Filipino, and Arabic. Philippines
Business Analyst - BA336 Project manager and business analyst with a bachelor’s degree in international politics and 4 years of oil and gas experience working for a major and a small independent. Work experience includes managing capital projects with respect to budgeting, coordinating and reviewing AFEs, budget forecasting, coordinating with engineers, landmen, commercial analysts, and accounting representatives to progress projects until completion, defining and implementing AFE improved process controls, developing and implementing plug and abandonment processes and policies, giving project presentations, maintaining relationships with outside operators, developing tracking tool for outside operations, reconciling accounting system with newly developed tracking system, analyzing operations, and performing cost analyses. Computer skills include MS Office, SAP, People Soft, Quickbooks Pro, MS Access, Help Track, and multiple proprietary energy software programs. Houston
Business Analyst - BA308 Master's prepared Sr. financial manager with 20 years of diverse international experience. Expertise in financial planning, budgeting, procurement, risk management, project management, strategic planning, contract negotiations and closing, team building and leadership, safety and compliance and inter-governmental relations. Multicultural, offshore/onshore work history which includes US, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Bilingual, English/Spanish. Strong candidate with professionalism attitude. Excellent verbal and written communication. Houston
Business Analyst - BA24 Economist with a PhD and over 25 years of experience with a major oil company. Diverse background in computer systems, treasurer finance/banking, and labor relations. Strong skills in economic modeling and presentations. Additional experience in providing economic input to oil industry tax experts, coordinating development of business continuity plans, and creating fiscal and energy policy analysis. Reputation for professional competence. Houston
Business Analyst - BA84 Business analyst with a Master's degree and three years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Experienced in energy derivative transactions for hedging and speculative purposes, including support functions for traders and all marketing departments. Highly motivated, adaptable, and resourceful, and able to handle multiple tasks. Computer skills include Excel, Word, Zainet, Paws, Globalview and PowerPoint. Fluent in Spanish. Texas
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